We are sharing this message for the purpose of supporting Clay Hodges in his efforts to spread his message of love through his music within Savannah and surrounding areas and the World.  He is a young man who believes in his music and believes in using it for a positive purpose.  The conviction that he carries within his life extends to his music.  Far too often young people will focus on the commercialization of their music at the expense of the message.  Clay Hodges is not one of those people.  Through his personal integrity and an understanding of the importance of living his purpose, his performances, first and foremost, are always uplifting and geared toward making his audience members feel good.

When you hear his testimony, as spoken in his video, you can hear the sincerity and it becomes apparent how important it is for his message to be far reaching.  When he states, “As an artist, I decided to use my platform to spread this message in hopes that it will change at least one person for the better. So that person can change another and so on until our community is fully empowered with love,” he connects with the mission statement of Unity in the Community.  Our mission is to promote unity though culturally diverse fun events and educational activities for youth and families, inclusive of all ethnicities.

Because of the spirit of his music and the purpose he has for presenting it, we believe he will be able to accomplish his purpose and change the minds and hearts of young and old.  Our experience through working with Mr. Hodges and observing his performances, wherever Clay Hodges goes, there is a sense of empowerment for the people with whom he comes in contact.  For the last three years we have supported his message and he has performed on our stage during our monthly 3rd weekend events on River Street, freely giving of himself and reaching out to people, strangers, to receive his message; and they do.

However; not to diminish the value of a grassroots outreach, Mr. Hodges needs to have exposure on a larger scale to broaden the effects of his message.  Well known entertainers often speak to the needs of the community, but this is a young man who is of the age range and a local entertainer who young people can relate to.  Getting his message of Love out to the public will be another aspect of battling the anger and hatred that permeates our communities today.

 Thank you,

Craig and Sharon Butts

Co-Founders Unity in the Community, Inc Savannah, GA 

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