J.Chantel is a singer/songwriter and musician.  She  released her first single “Cold days in July” in 2013,  a collaborative effort with Music Composer and friend K.Black and producer Gr8 Trakz. Her soulful and unique voice grasped press pic1the attention of her audience. Music reviewer Jay. M from UN. Radio said” She reminded me of a young Aretha or even Lauren Hill to a lesser extent, would definitely buy the album” She is known for her different sound as she makes any music her own. She is a unique artist and seeing her live is definitely an exhilarating experience. J.Chantel is a novelty on the music scene singing and complimenting her voice with the edgy sound of the trumpet. J.Chantel plans to be a leader in the music industry. “I plan to take this industry to another level and it is important for me to share my music with the world” Preparing for the release of her next single “Mental Abuse” she has been in the studio and out in the community performing. She also volunteers as Assistant band director at a local high school to help build band programs.


J.Chantel grew up in Prichard, AL near Mobile. J. Chantel was surrounded by music at an early age, learning to play the trumpet at the age of ten. J.Chantel is an accomplished singer and trumpeter. “Once I started playing the trumpet, My Mom and dad never let me leave home without it” She always dreamed of being great but never knowing how it could be possible. “I was always told I would be something great by the people around me but where I’m from it was rare” J. Chantel didn’t have the so called luxury in a musician’s world such as private instructors or good music programs. “I learned my favorites on the radio and created my own sound.”

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J. Chantel is planning to be at every 3rd Saturday Event.

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