Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Unity in the Community’s goal is to bring the people of Savannah together no matter what their culture is. We want to educate others in the community about how diverse Savannah is and what the different cultures are about. Savannah is it’s own culture, and that’s what we want to teach people and enforce.

Bath Fitter is one of Unity in the Community’s sponsors that we are very thankful for. The Bath Fitter event manager for the Savannah team, Brandon Schultz found out about unity in the Community through WTOC’s page. Schultz stated that he liked what we are doing for the community and decided to sponsor us. He also mentioned referring us to another company for sponsorship as well.

We are so thankful for all of our sponsors and glad that they are all part of Unity in the Community. Together we can help teach Savannah how to live together and teach other’s what cultural diversity is about. If your business is interested in sponsoring, please contact us at

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